Let yourself feel anger to heal

What does anger feel like?  It feels tight, closed off, frustrated, ignored, overwhelmed, unheard, irritable, annoyed, unappreciated, and more.  When we are angry we are easily triggered, or set off by what others say or do. Sometimes we do not even know we are angry because we are too busy blaming other people.

We must learn to heal our own anger, to not judge ourselves and others for the anger that is being experienced. 

When we are in the presence of someone who is expressing their anger we must be mindful to protect ourselves, not only from the harmful effects of their anger, but from trying to make their anger ours.  We do this by questioning ourselves, wondering what we have done wrong, or what we should do differently or better. We start to feel irritated, annoyed, frustrated or annoyed ourselves, and may react strongly to that same person, or someone completely different.

Mindfulness is essential in cultivating compassion – we must remember we are not responsible for the happiness or unhappiness of others. We must heal our own anger and create our own happiness.   read more