Ways to Create Emotional Freedom

When we are harmonious we have gentle thoughts and emotions.  How we manage to get through a day is based on how well we manage our emotions and thoughts.  Our thoughts can conjure up memories that feel great, or leave us feeling upset, angry or sad.  A person or event can leave us bristling, wondering what we did wrong when we did not do anything wrong at all.  All our emotions are part of the human experience, and a miracle.

Ways to Create Emotional Freedom:

  • Acknowledge & identify what and where you are feeling the emotion – is your stomach upset?  is your heart tight? Are you sad, happy, etc? Are you thinking there is something wrong with you for feeling the way you do?  Ask yourself it this is true.
  • Allow yourself to experience the emotion with stability and trust. –  Are you managing the emotion or is it managing you? Breathe & move.
  • Ask yourself  “what do I want?”  – Really listen to your needs –  do not  try to change someone else to accommodate your needs – change yourself.
  • Allow yourself to ask for what you want. – Do not be attached to the outcome – to someone giving you exactly what you want.  They may not be able to, or want to.
  • Allow yourself to receive.

Our thoughts are harmonious when they flow gently and clearly, and they are then released through our emotions, and ideas as words, spoken, written or sung.  Find the harmonious unity of  being connected with life.