Creating Life with Ease

Imagine creating and experiencing your life with ease and flow?  Rising in the morning and effortlessly moving through the day is possible when we open ourselves to experiencing the moment easily.

“Easier said than done” may be the conditioning we have come to create through, working harder to achieve more in a day than ever before.  We may not be using our physical bodies as much today, but we are using our minds and emotions more.  That leaves us drained and exhausted,  waiting for a vacation or time off to rejuvenate our soul.

The road to effortless creation requires shifting from effort and resistance to ease and flow.  Think about it.  How hard are you trying to ‘be’?   When we create through effort or resistance our energy feels heavy and tight, our body hurts, and it feels like we are stuck.  So why not try something different?

Our soul is saying stop trying so hard. Slow down, take a few deep breaths and take stock of the situation to change the way we relate to the moment.

Listed below are a few clues to support you in understanding how you are creating:

3 ways resistance or effort is experienced:

  • Nothing is working out the way you want.
  • You cannot hear what others have to say.
  • You avoid contact with others.

3 ways non-resistance and ease are experienced:

  • Your energy feels light
  • Your life unfolds naturally and simply
  • You enjoy contact with everyone

 Your inner frequency affects the way you experience your life.  It is possible to change your energy to reflect ease and flow.  Open yourself to creating thoughts that support enjoying the miracle of life.
Affirmation:  My life unfolds with ease and flow.