Do You Have What it Takes?

Take the Summer Challenge! 

Meditating in the summer can be a challenge.  Those of us on the west coast appreciate the warm weather so much we often neglect areas in our life.  This summer take meditation with you wherever you go.  You can invite meditating with your higher consciousness into anywhere.

Let’s see if we can take the challenge to meditate daily to create and enjoy the rest of our day, at home, work and in our relationships.

  • Commit to cleansing your chakras every day either when you wake up, or when you go to bed.
    • We have seven chakras located from the base of the spine to the top of our head.
    • You do not need to know exactly where they are, what they are named, or what they do.
    • Most importantly send energy with intention and trust.
  • Spend one minute nurturing each chakra.  That’s only 7 minutes.
  • Set the intention for energy to flow in easily.
  • Smile when you wake up.
  • Smile when you fall asleep.

Exploring Your Chakras – Workshop – Monday, 7-9 pm Aug. 12, 2013  learn more