Women & Spirituality

As women we are collectively  entering a new phase of consciousness. We are more receptive to honouring our personal needs while still providing nurturing and love to others. We have learned we must take care of our needs first so that we are better able to align with our life’s purpose (darhma); but never at the expense of another’s well-being.   All around us are signs of our growth, encouragement and respect.

Being female myself, I have an affinity with our growth.  It is a journey of compassion and courage as I know mine is a journey not so different from yours. I have noticed women tend to find ways to connect, share and heal.  Ironically, many women still feel alone, as if they somehow don’t fit in or belong.  This ‘feeling’ is real and isolating.  Most of us have felt this way at one time or another, or are feeling it right now.  It leads to depression and illness.

If you identify with this feeling, then consider ways you can change the pattern of self-talk that makes you feel like you are anything less than beautiful, or belong. In what way can you get involved where you are integrated with others?  It must be someplace where you feel good about yourself, and the people make you feel welcome. You will know by the positive, encouraging energy they present.

If you identify with this feeling through witnessing another women who appears isolated, then consider how can you support her in feeling connected and loved?  Pick up the phone and ask her to go for coffee, lunch, dinner, a walk, and yes, even shopping.  Listen and encourage with compassion.

Join me this summer in making conscious connections with women by acknowledging them as a peaceful spirit in a human body.

Light, Laughter and Love, Regina
Balance & Boundaries – a workshop  for women