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Emotional Kindness

Insights: Emotional Kindness

Some days are just plain emotionally hard. You find yourself in uncharted waters with a strong undercurrent that threatens your peace of mind and stability. Little things bring you to tears. You feel fragile and alone. But the truth is you are never alone.

You are not Alone

Every time you move through an emotionally difficult time there are others there for you. They are family, friends, and strangers. But you cannot sense or see them because you are drifting in sadness and loneliness.

Kindness and Gratitude

You have never been alone. Walking with you are your guides and loved ones. Kindness can be seen in their eyes or the way they quietly wait holding the space for you. You may not see it until your fog has cleared.

Kindness opens the heart through both giving and receiving. It encompasses compassion and gratitude, as you make sense of things. When you have passed through these turbulent waters you feel a sense of relief and connection. Even if you feel exhausted you are filled with gratitude.  Grace of Gratitude

This week practice kindness and gratitude with everyone. Try not to judge them or yourself, or attempt to fix what makes you feel uncomfortable. Wrap yourself in a cocoon of compassion and feel the gratitude grow.

~ Regina Kaiser

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