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The full flower moon last month brought our awareness to what was swept under the rug. With deep sadness and horror we learned about 215 indigenous children buried in a grave in Kamloops. Heartbreaking is an understatement as each of us finds our way to coming to terms

Some will quietly grieve and pray. Some will pretend not to notice. Others will stand up for accountability. Some will revisit their own traumas. Some are looking for ways to serve and comfort. All are healing individually and as a whole.

Making Peace & Forgiving 

Perhaps we can try to not judge and start healing with kindness and love. This does not excuse the actions of the past. It brings us together in forgiveness and love. It heals and it frees.

We are reminded that whatever was swept under the rug will eventually become visible. Healing on a collective level asks us to connect with our selves, and to empathize with others. Our own shame, guilt, anger, disgust, horror and any other emotion is our own to process. Our judgments are the gateway to our wounds that are ready to be healed. We can individually heal and collectively create unity and love. In doing so we honour those we grieve and love.

How Centering in Love Heals

  • Healing consciously beings with centering.
  • Centering is living as a peaceful spirit in a human body.
  • When centered in love you experience life without judgment.
  • Staying centered allows you to participate with clarity and love.

How can I make a difference?

More than ever we now need to focus our energy on being centered in love. This prevents us from losing ourselves to judgement and self-righteousness.

The path of loving kindness and self-reflection clears the pathway to see and know what and when to act. Start by getting centered in love. Then ground your intention in love.  Create a free account to access free meditation classes, including Loving Kindness – Centered in Love & Healing

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Light, laughter and love, Regina