Insights: Grounding vs Un-Grounded

What do you mean I need to get Grounded?

There was I time I was told I needed to get grounded into my body. I had no idea what this meant and it didn’t feel like a compliment. I heard it often enough to consider it important. I did understand my not being grounded made others feel uncomfortable.

So I spent extra time learning about grounding. It really came together on my spiritual path as I learned ways to ground and especially what it felt like to be grounded. What a difference it made in my relationships and manifesting.

Veracis Wellness Team

Grounding was and is the foundation of the creative process and living life as a peaceful spirit in a human body.

There are techniques we use to ground such as being in nature, or imagining our feet rooted into the earth. While these may not work for everyone most of us know what it feels like to be around someone who is grounded in trust. It feels safe.

Grounding is a physical ‘feeling’ of safety and stability in the present moment. When grounding is compromised there is a sense of being unsafe, fragmented, disconnected and out of sorts.

Common Symptoms for Weak Grounding include:

  • Uncomfortable emotions
  • Attracting difficult people or situations
  • Excessive energy
  • Feeling disconnected from the body

How to Recognize Weak Grounding

  • Feeling anxious and worried
  • Emotions are heavy and not flowing
  • Not wanting to feel or express your emotions
  • Not getting what you want

What if you really don’t want to be present and grounded in discomfort?

It is natural to avoid unpleasant experiences. Grounding allows your energy to flow, to release the build up of discomfort. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when you first start grounding.  But this passes and is replaced with trust, ease and flow. That’s when you really start noticing how wonderful life is and how easy it is to release for peace!

Ways to Be Grounded in Love

  • Connect with your roots and the earth
  • Recognize what it feels like to be grounded vs ungrounded. Choose.
  • Return to your trusting, wise self.

To be grounded is to feel stable and flexible with change. It is to feel connected to your body, mind, soul, life and the earth.

Regina Kaiser Spiritual IntuitiveWritten by Regina Kaiser

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