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How Strong are your Boundaries?

Insights: Boundaries of Love

Imagine light and love in every relationship. There would be a heartfelt connection of empathy and understanding. 

It all begins with your aura also known as your personal space. How you maintain, cleanse and balance your aura affects how you relate to others. When your aura is heavy with worry or sorrow, it is less inviting. When your aura is light and loving, it is more inviting.

Even when life brings ups and downs, it is possible to have an aura of light and love. Your aura is the beautiful energy flowing around your physical body. It is there for everyone. But not everyone tunes into it the same way. Some people can sense other people’s auras more than their own. It is, however, most important to tune into your own aura first as you set boundaries.

The aura is the energetic field around our body and is the first layer of boundaries we establish. It’s how we can determine what is inside us versus what others want for us. Your boundaries are constantly changing, growing and evolving. Some lessons hit harder on a personal level. Other lessons we witness and learn from them.

Weak Boundaries

  • Find it hard to say yes or no.
  • Feel and take one other people’s emotions
  • Blame others

Strong Boundaries

  • You are confident saying yes or no even if others don’t like the answer
  • Acknowledge other peoples emotions with empathy
  • Take responsibility for their own feelings, actions

How to Create Strong Boundaries

  • Cleanse and define your aura daily
  • Take notice of how others respond to the changes you are making. Not everyone will like them!
  • Harness the energy of light and love

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