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Insights: A New Forgiveness

Insights: A New Perspective – Forgiveness

Forgive and forget.  But not everything is easy to forget. The journey through forgiveness can take a lifetime. Memories are triggered by current events. We ask ourselves ‘why?’, wondering if we will ever understand.

When you have tried everything you can to forgive, then there might be another way to get through. Rather than focus on your own hurt, try seeing how your experience can help others.

Consider using this loving kindness mantra “may my suffering spare others from similar suffering.”

This is another way of making peace. It shows your desire to heal and aid others bringing a new and different meaning to your experience.
Create good karma. You are never alone. Your journey overlaps with others for reasons you don’t always see or know. Trust you have learned and grown into the beautiful soul you are today. Be grateful to the universe ‘for- giving’ you life wisdom lessons.

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