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Insights: Give or Receive?

Is it Better to Give or Receive? 

From an early age you probably learned giving is an act of kindness.  There is so much joy in the act of giving, and it simply leaves you with a positive feeling! You’ve likely also been taught it’s better to give than receive. But this isn’t necessarily the whole truth.   

Giving and receiving equally is a universal law.

If you only give and give, you become depleted. If you only receive and receive, you become bloated. When there is more of one than the other the energy is imbalanced.

Most people find it harder to receive than to give. The good news is balancing the two is easier than you think. But it requires letting go of internal programming.

Are you a Giver or Receiver?

Consider how the following questions bring you closer to understanding how you give and receive:

  • Are you a person who gives naturally, always being there for others?
  • What was it like to receive love growing up? Was it hard, easy or complicated?
  • Can you receive a compliment without feeling you have to say something in return?
  • When someone gives you a gift do you feel like you owe them?

The more you explore your inner world the closer you get to connecting with truth. You discover how attachment and expectation are hidden inside the giving and receiving process.  You know you had a hidden agenda when someone doesn’t respond or answer the way you wanted them to answer. There is an Art to Giving and Receiving. Let’s see what to do to rebalance giving and receiving. 

Rebalancing Giving & Receiving

How you receive is just as important as how you give. In order to give there needs to be a receiver. In order to receive there needs to be a giver. 

Ways to Give & Receive

  • Give asking nothing in return.
  • Receive without guilt or expectation.
  • Give from the heart, with love.
  • Receive with the love.

Finding balance is a click away.  

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