Earth day

Insights: Embracing Positivity

There’s a lot of talk going around about who’s doing what, and who should be doing something different. It might be with others or in your thoughts. Is it any wonder today is Earth Day and we have a full Pink Moon next Monday?

It’s easy to be positive when things are going well. But when things don’t turn out the way you hoped or planned, you may find yourself getting sucked into the vortex of negativity, feeling low, anxious or angry. Emotions run high with fear fueling judgments. The serene, calm and positive person you are at your core is, just for a moment, slipping. But you are aware!

Understand this process is a huge part of your spiritual evolution, and that everyone gets this lesson again and again. So be kind with yourself as you navigate your way positively through your current life circumstances.

How to Embrace Positivity

  1. Do something fun! During difficult times, as hard as it may seem, one of the quickest ways to shift your energy is to lighten up. You have to decide though to take action.Playing a board game, or playing outside games are especially fun when the weather is nice. Even in the rain you can find joy in listening to the sound of raindrops on your umbrella.

    Calling a friend, or setting up a virtual friend gathering expands your focus and caring towards others. Connecting and laughing have and always will make your heart sing.

  2.  Be prepared to witness those nagging ‘negative’ thoughts or feelings during your playtime. Choose to abandon them as you would an outworn sock. They are no long worthy of your energy.
  3. Keep your chin up. If you connect with someone who is slipping into negativity, find a graceful quick way to change the subject. It’s like flipping a switch. Interrupt and change the topic to something light. Note this does not mean dismissing or invalidating someone. Rather it is about protecting your precious energy.
  4. Practice seeing the value in everything you are experiencing. You are allowed to be happy!

If we can all do our best to focus on being positive we will find our way through this pandemic and uncertainty with far greater ease. The emergence of your soul, and our spirit, is directly linked to how we choose to create and experience our life.
This Sunday we celebrate the Full Pink Moon. The colour pink is known as the universal colour of love. Spring is here and the days are longer and brighter. The energy released from this full pink moon is an opportunity to increase your own positive energy.