Insights: Earth, Connecting, Grounding

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Insights: Earth Power

When looking out onto an open meadow with mountains, trees, rivers and plants you feel a connection with the powerful energy of the earth. Removed from the demands of everyday life, for a moment you can take a deep breath and finally relax.

The earth is our home, giving us space to breathe and rest, work, create and play. But most of all, here in nature we feel the earths power and rhythm.

Do you know why we all love nature?

Because nature doesn’t judge. This is one reason nature baths have become so popular. When you are alone walking or sitting by a river, ocean or lake you feel the earth and mother nature comforting you, giving you room to breathe.

This feeling of acceptance and trust relates to being grounded. When you stand, sit or lie on the earth you feel safe and stable, and can feel her heartbeat align with your own. When you stand amongst the tall trees you feel her grounding support.
Using the earth to ground allows you to experience yourself safely as a peaceful spirit in a human body.

Grounding with the Earth
If you’ve been feeling spacey, disconnected or unsteady, then your energetic grounding is likely compromised. This causes you to be forgetful, make mistakes, bump into things and hold your emotions!

Grounding allows you to Release for Peace
Energy flows so you can let go, and feel vibrant and alive. There are safe, simple techniques you can use to maintain a stable, flowing grounding. Being grounded makes it easier to be in the present moment, to enjoy the smiles, giggles and life. While nature is one way you can activate your grounding, there are other meditation/spiritual techniques you can use.

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