Insights: Steps to Serenity & Calm

Steps to Serenity & Calm during Difficult Times

When do you feel most serene and calm?

Serenity and calm are enhanced by our environment and the things we do to aid feeling calm. What your room looks and feels like, the smells and sounds all contribute to serenity.  Things like a bubble bath, massage, reading a book in a quiet corner, walking in nature, and breathing mindfully additionally help!

When do you feel least serene and calm?

While it is important to focus on what you want,  such as serenity and calm, it is equally important to understand when you feel least serene and calm.  What are the contributing circumstance?  Demands from work and family, worries about health, money and life all add up internally.

Symptoms of the Absence of Serenity & Calm

The most common response to the absence of serenity and calm is frustration and anger.  These happen daily in small and big ways.  Your boundaries are always pointing back to you.  Use your awareness of how your boundaries are highlighted to bring attention to what is going ‘inside’ you. Rather than let anger or frustration rob you of the serenity and calm you deserve consider how you can use your awareness to shift your perspective.

6 Steps to Staying Serenity & Calm

  1. Acknowledge when you are not feeling serene or calm
  2. Breathe
  3. Refocus your attention on what your soul wants and needs in this moment, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. This could be a quiet break of nothingness, a walk, bath, nature, etc. Taking time for you diffuses the charge of frustration so start to feel calmer and clearer in understanding what you want.
  4. Take care not to blame others for how you feel. Stressful circumstances can rise up unexpectedly for everyone. It is how you respond that makes the difference in how you and others feel.
  5. Share your feelings and needs from the heart without expectation or attachments.
  6. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others. Forgive, learn, heal. Stop revisiting the stories from the past and start living in the present moment.


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