Insights: Getting OUT of STUCK

Does it feel like you’re a stuck in a holding pattern?

Even though spring is in the air maybe you aren’t feeling your usual upbeat vibe. Nothing is changing and there’s not much to look forward to.  Could be you’re in a rut.

It can help to understand ruts when you think of the ruts created by the wheels of a vehicle on a road. It may seem those ruts are pathways to make your life easier. However, left unattended, the ruts deepen and become impassible. Spiritually, a rut is a habit or pattern of behaviour that comes with a dose of boredom and unproductivity. There is an underlying ‘why bother’ or ‘whatever’. The thought of creating a new path simply feels like ‘work’. It’s easier to just stay stuck.

4 Signs you are Stuck in a Rut

  1. You are bored
  2. It’s hard to see a solution or positive outcome
  3. Your energy is low
  4. Your emotions are flat

4 Ways to get out of the Stuck Rut

  1. Acknowledge you are stuck
  2. Change your behaviour patterns – start with one
  3. Let go of attachments to what used to be or could have been
  4. Focus on the desired outcome

Challenge yourself today to reconnect with your vibrant positive self. For me, gathering and connecting with people like you at live virtual meditation classes continues to push me outwards from what is currently a very inward journey. You too are on a sacred inward journey shared with a select souls.

Thank you for staying on the sacred path of healing and light.

May you be filled with light, laughter and love, Regina