Water, Healing, Emotions

Insights: Water, Emotions, Chakras

The 5 Elements – Water, Second Chakra

The earth is our foundation for living life as a peaceful spirit in a human body. Linked to the root chakra the earth gives us a sense of stability and trust. We then move to the second chakra and the element of water.

Water is flow and movement. One needs only recall waves lapping up on a lake or beach to tune into the fluidness and notice their breathing improve.

Moving in and out water reminds us of the ebb and flow of life linking us to our senses and emotions. Cleansing and purifying, water supports us to feel our feelings.

Why do emotions arise unexpectedly? 

The second chakra provides the container for emotions. Therefore, if left unexpressed, emotions eventually spill out, often erupting unexpectedly. For various reasons you did not, or could not, honour those emotions in the moment. But those feelings do not need to stay contained, spill out, or overwhelm.  Using the healing power and symbolism of water we can reconnect with emotions. 

Join us to explore the element of water to connect with your joyful, emotional and creative self in the 5 Elements and charkas on Sunday 10 am, May 9, 2021 virtual Loving Kindness meditation class.

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