Air, Heart, Chakra, Breathing

Insights: The Air Element

The air element is linked to the heart chakra. Located at in the centre of the chest the heart chakra represents affinity with self and affinity with others. Perfectly placed between the lower and upper chakras the heart creates a sense of harmony and balance.
Air is associated with the breath and breathing. We can go though a day and lifetime without being aware of our breath. Still there are times during meditation and yoga, for example, when breathing is integrated with body awareness and relaxation. But not everyone meditates or does yoga regularly.

So, let’s take breathing into everyday life.

In with the new and out with the old.

Taking a deep inhale expands the chest with fresh energy and an equal exhale contracts the chest to release the old. Did you just take a deep breath while reading this? If not, try it now…

Connecting with Air Element and the Heart Chakra

Consider taking mindful breaks throughout the day. By stopping and checking in with yourself, you will notice if you’ve unknowingly limited your air intake. This happens while working and interacting with others. Not surprisingly, there are some relationships that make breathing easier than others. Have you noticed when?

Breathing for life is breathing for living. Let’s find our way to connecting with our personal breathing patterns, opening the heart chakra with a breath of fresh air.

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