Fire Energy Meditation

Insights: Symbolism of Fire Energy

Exploring the 5 elements in relationship with our chakras we find ourselves at the third chakra, the element of fire. Built on a strong foundation of earth in the first chakra and water in the second chakra fire in the third chakra activates will and determination.

“Put a fire under it”. It’s time to get up and go, to start or finish that project you started a while ago. It’s time to believe in yourself and speak, pursue and step into your empowerment. Fire gives you the creative motivation to know what to do and when to do it.

Feeling sluggish? Could be you are spending too much time in the second ‘water’ and emotions chakra. Think about it. Water douses fire. So, heal and release those emotions that keep you trapped in the past. Let them motivate you to bring change to your own life and the world. Sitting quietly brewing doesn’t change anything. It keeps you stuck.

Look to nature to be inspired. The sun provides not only light but warmth and heat. Look to the sun to feel revitalized and energized. But be careful here. Too much sun and you could get burned or overheated.

Too much Fire Energy

If you’ve been overdoing it, giving out more than you are taking in, then you will become imbalanced, and crash.

Not Enough Fire Energy

If you’ve been sitting on the fence, unsure of what to start or finish, then you’re stuck.

Balanced Fire Energy

If you are creating and finishing projects, and balancing work with play, then you’re get up and go is good to go. You feel a deep sense of satisfaction in your daily life.

Be Inspired
Regardless of having too much, too little or just enough fire energy, find your way to this weeks Loving Kindness Meditation to connect with your inner flow of fire.

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