Secret to Abundance

Insights: The Secret to Abundance

 The Secret to Abundance

How do you see your current life?

Do you see yourself in as lacking?  Please be honest with yourself.

Abundance is to have more than you need.

The opposite of abundance is scarcity and lack.

The truth is we all experience both lack and abundance in different ways at different times in life. It’s how we learn to differentiate and understand gratitude and abundance.

The secret to creating an abundant life lies in our gratitude for what we have, what we want, and how we feel.

Start to explore how you feel when you have what you want compared to how you feel when you aren’t getting what you want. When you can relate to the feeling of having then your energy will transform to vibrate at the level of abundance. Scarcity and lack fade away.

The secret to abundance is to feel like you already have enough.

Look around you. Look at everything you have. Do you have thought that are negative in nature focusing on what you don’t have? Thoughts are powerful. Feelings are even more powerful.

This weekend if you find yourself going down the path of scarcity or lack, change your perspective and focus on what you already have. Bring your awareness back to how you felt when you were in alignment with pure gratitude. Start raising that vibration using love and kindness as your guide.

The universe is abundant with possibilities.

This is enough..
There will always be enough.

Be Grateful for what you Have.

How will you pause this weekend to honour what you have?

Written by Regina Kaiser 

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