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Insights: The Present Moment

The Law of Attraction

The Present Moment 

The present moment is key to the law of attraction.

How present are you during your everyday life? Are there moments when you find yourself daydreaming or drifting only to miss part of a conversation? Are you listening or are you thinking about what to say even before they are finished?

And how about when you’re driving. Does your mind take you to your destination well before you physically arrive?  Here’s the thing…

Your mind will always outdistance your body!

So how do you stay in the present moment and still plan ahead? It takes practice and discipline. As you focus on what you want you are in the present. You see yourself as already having what you desire, but you do not drift into the future.

The law of attraction brings your awareness to what you are drawing into your life. When you are not mentally, emotionally and spiritually in present time you become vulnerable. It’s like you’ve abandoned ship, partially or completely.

What are you attracting into your life and how present are you with how you feel?  Are you avoiding your emotions?  Staying present with your feeling and thoughts is part of the law of attraction and wholeness. 

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