The Positive Side of Anxiety

You already know you experience anxiety and may even consider yourself as  ‘suffering’ from anxiety.  Anxiety comes in many forms, and at times can be crippling.  We are talking about average, every day anxiety that is induced from stress, expectations and builds into ongoing worry.
Have you ever considered your experience with anxiety as positive?  What if you could take your experience and use it to create a life of happiness and health?  The relationship you have with yourself is the true spiritual path.  Here, you begin to understand anxiety is one of the ways you can take control of your life, that you are currently transitioning through a phase, uncomfortable as it may seem.

Positive anxiety is using the experience to move forward, to move through the discomfort, and to learn you have the power within to understand. There are tools you can learn to use, and the most effective way to transform anxiety is through meditation. Meditation Tips for Anxiety –  Healing Anxiety

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by Regina Kaiser,