5 ways to stay happy

5 Ways to Stay Happy

There are many ways to stay happy!  Summer has always been noted as a time to kick back and relax, to enjoy time outdoors having fun. The longer warmer days are nurturing and an important reminder to make time for yourself, to take a break from your busy life.

In Rise of the Sacred Feminine we finished the series with a class reminding us of the importance of creating a sacred space and ritual for self. Putting family or others first will always be part of our lives as we feel good knowing we brought joy to others. However, setting your own needs aside is exactly that.

Set aside means getting back to it later!

But how often do you? How many set asides do you have piled up?

There will always be something and someone else to distract or derail you. This is the secret to understanding how easy it is to wander off your path or away from your intention.

It is vital your ‘set asides’ become ‘having it now’. When you do not give to yourself you run the risk of becoming resentful and angry. Before you know it, life has happened and you wish you would have…

Live life without regrets.

Make time for yourself and others in a timely manner. There is enough of you to go around and enough of you to stay healthy, happy and replenished.

5 Ways to Stay Content and Happy

  1. Pause often to meditate and see the beauty in life.
  2. Enjoy nature and be present.
  3. Invite aromatherapy into your life for emotional well-being.
  4. Make peace with your weaknesses and strengths.
  5. Do it for yourself.

This summer, give up what you can that is causing you stress. Replace it with self-care that makes you feel peaceful, calm, connected and content.

Article by Regina Kaiser

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