super full rose moon

Super Full Rose Moon

The moon brings light to the parts of our soul that are often hidden in the shadows.  These include hidden dreams as much as hidden emotions.  During the full moon energy is illuminated to guide us into a new chapter, sometimes overlapping.   

This full moon is called a rose or strawberry moon because the berries are ripe and roses are blooming.  It is time to taste the sweetness in life and smell the roses.

Just like the rose has thorns for protection, the sacred feminine knows she must protect herself from toxic emotions.  The full rose moon in her vibrant femininity prompts her to release that which no longer serves her so she can move forward refreshed and renewed.

During today’s guided meditation and drum journey, we travel to connect with the rose, full moon, and ancient teachings.

Full Rose Moon Meditation 
with guided drum journey
Tuesday 7:30 pm 
June 14, 2022

Instructor:  Regina
Link to CLass
Miss this class?  You can listen to the audio for one week afterwards. 

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