Achieving Contentment

Achieving Contentment

How to Achieve Contentment

Contentment is to be satisfied and happy. When achieving contentment you are grateful for all you have, finding joy and meaning in everything.

To be content is to practice discernment in making daily decisions.

Discernment is the ability to make decisions followed by action, that reflect your highest well-being. For example, you may discern meditating or yoga in the morning/evening help you feel calmer and more focused. Instead, you find yourself sitting in front of the television or computer, or playing on your cell. This leaves you feeling dissatisfied and discontent.  Happiness and Contentment

3 Steps to achieve contentment

  1.  Meditate every day and focus on your intentions
  2. Be accountable to yourself or someone
  3. Harness the joy and meaning in the present moment

3 Things that cause discontent

  1. Being isolated and lonely
  2. Not knowing what you want
  3. Living your life for someone else

Getting Back on Track

When you are ready to move from discontent to content then clear the fear and take a step forward.

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Article:  Regina Kaiser

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