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Embracing Fall

Insights: Embracing Fall

Autumn is just the beginning of sweater weather and comfort foods. Now that we’ve officially celebrated the Fall Equinox, spiritually we begin to harvest our lessons from the spring and summer. Our nights become longer leaving us with shorter daylight hours. Our inner light begins to shine even more.

Fall is the time for rest, creativity and advancement.

The season of fall brings us thanksgiving and gratitude. Prosperity and abundance combine with deepening relationships and gathering to celebrate with family and friends.

Fall especially represents time for introspection and listening. Just as the leaves drop from the trees we too let go of what no longer serves us while embracing fall.  Surrender and Acceptance

Accepting Love

Prepare for change by making space for change.

It’s time to reflect on what/who was draining and what/who was uplifting.

Reconsider your boundaries to reflect who you are today.

Managing Difficult Emotions

Falling into old patterns of ‘feeling bad’ when you make changes that reflect your inner most desires today can keep you stuck. With empathy you understand others may not be uplifted by the changes you are making.  Consider what life would be like if you reverted back to the same old way of being.  That ‘feel bad’ emotion becomes resentment and anger that builds up inside.  So, make peace with knowing ‘feeling bad’ is fleeting.

Your happiness is as important as every one else’s happiness.  Be kind and understanding.  Let go of the old.


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Article:  Regina Kaiser

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