The laws of attraction

Be Ready to Respond

The Laws of Attraction

In this last week of November, we find our way to  the final class in The Laws of Attraction offered in our Sunday Loving Kindness meditations. Be ready to respond with kindness and love to whatever the universe has sent you.

It may not always seem fair or make sense the way the universe is sending you life lessons. Doubt, fear and uncertainty may arise. But think about it. Here you are today with life experiences under your belt. Wiser and clear.

Everything you are attracting into your life is because the universe believes in you and you are ready. 

4 Laws of Attraction

  1. Be aware of what you are focusing on. The universe asks you to become clear about what you want and what you don’t want.
  2. Be present and grateful. Without sincere gratitude you continue to create through what you don’t have. Learn to differentiate and celebrate what you have.  Insights:  Grace of Gratitude
  3. Focus on what you want. Be aware of the underlying limiting messages. By understanding what you don’t want to ‘feel’, you can focus on having the ‘feeling’ now.
  4. Be ready to respond with love and kindness to whatever the universe sends your way. It sees you are ready.

The Universe has Your Back

Take the next step towards embracing the laws of attraction.  

Access Laws of Attraction in Loving Kindness Library

Article by Regina Kaiser

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