Begin Within Inspiration Cards

Begin Within Wednesday

May 17, 2023

Here’s your weekly 2 card spread using BEGIN WITHIN Inspiration Card Deck 

Card #1 – Present


This is one of the bonus cards! Don’t hold back now.

You’ve come this far and those old limitations are distant memories. Learn from them and go for it!


Card #2 – Support


“ Connect with others. Laugh often.”

Creating with unlimited potential is SO MUCH EASIER when you are connected with your tribe and laugh. Worry, anxieties and stress simply disappear and you energy becomes abundant with potential.



This is an exciting time for expansion. It’s time to share your light with others, to connect and laugh. Only when you allow yourself this time together and for those barrel laughs, can your potential and creativity grow and flow with ease.

So, take it easy, laugh and play, watch what grows!

Regina Kaiser Certified Meditation Teacher

Regina Kaiser


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