New Year Chakra Special

Special New Year Chakra Journey Classes 7-weekly classes, 1 chakra per week Jan. 5 – Feb 16, 2021 Tuesdays 7:30 – 8:30 pm in Total Serenity Membership   Start the year out with a dynamic weekly reflective meditation class focusing on the seven primary chakras. We’ll dedicate the next seven weeks to one chakra a […]

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holiday calm meditation

Insights: Holiday Calm

Relaxing into Calm Ready to feel relaxed and calm? I don’t know if you are having a tougher time because you are doing less or doing more. The interesting thing is this isn’t new. There are always times when we are almost stupid busy and times when we’re bored to tears. But regardless of which […]

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accept your potential

Insight: Accept Your Potential

Accept Your Potential It’s time to accept your potential. Inside you are infinite possibilities waiting to be born. You just need to get the shadows out of the way! Doubt, fear, uncertainty, and not believing in your self can be transformed to reveal the inspirational light within at this weekends meditation classes. As the holidays […]

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positive, change,

Insights: 7 Ways to Stay Positive

Staying Positive with Change Now more than ever it is vital we all focus on positivity. Dwelling on what you don’t have, or won’t have feeds negativity. As we approach the holiday season realizing we will be safe in the comfort of our homes we may begin to feel sad and depressed because the way […]

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loss, healing, time

Insights: Found Through Loss

Found through Loss I honour and acknowledge those who are grieving the loss of a loved one during this pandemic. My heart goes out to you and your families as you heal. This article is intended for the everyday losses we experience during covid. These could be how we used to socialize, shop, plan and […]

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Total Serenity Membership

Accessing Online Meditation Classes

Accessing the new platform is exciting and new, and sometimes frustrating. We’re sorry if you’re having trouble.  Let’s see if we can make it easier. HOW TO ACCESS LIVE CLASSES   SIGN IN  Go to MY DASHBOARD Click on the Category & Class you want Click on the OPEN ZOOM Note: You cannot access classes from the page […]

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anger, cultivate calm, meditate

Insights: Cultivate Calm

Cultivate Calm Even when You’re Angry You’ve been calm, kind and caring. It hasn’t always been easy because sometimes your buttons are really pushed. You’ve turned the other cheek and focused on love. That deep breathing you’ve been doing is helping. But still, you are feeling agitated, irritated, and annoyed. And that’s okay! As mindful […]

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