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Coping with Thanksgiving

Insights: Embracing Your Truth

There are countless experiences we carry close to the heart. The joyful ones expand the heart. The difficult ones contract. Both offer spiritual expansion. Different memories make coping with Thanksgiving unique.

As Thanksgiving weekend beckons, it is time to reflect on gratitude and abundance. Time to celebrate what you have.

But if you are alone, or miss the way things used to be, you may find it less than celebratory.  Holidays bring up memories of those who have passed.  Feeling connected to abundance, joy and gratitude isn’t always easy.  Yet there are ways for you to cope…

How to Cope with Loneliness

  • Acknowledge your feelings.
    • Allow them to flow so you can grow. Don’t linger here too long. You were not intended to suffer indefinitely.
  • Call a friend or family member.
    • Invite them over, or out.
    • Go for a walk. Share time over a cup of coffee or tea.  Get outside
  • Bring home some coloured fall leaves and decorate your table.
  • Look to what you HAVE in your life.
    • Fill your heart and soul with the abundance of life.
    • Give to others what you seek for yourself.

There are countless ways to spend your day and weekend. Isolating and hiding yourself from the world is not conducive to your well-being. Retreating mindfully into solitude gives your heart and soul a recharge. They are different. (Have you ever felt Lonely?)

You’re just steps away from a beautiful recorded Reflective Meditation to understand Solitude vs Isolation. Located in the Reflective Meditation Library 2021, you can buy a single class and scroll through until you find the topic.  Enjoy!

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