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Insights: The Art of Forgiveness


Someone recently shared their thoughts on forgiveness:

“Some things I can forgive. Others I can’t. Some are small and easy. Some are big. Forgiving someone who has done something really big that’s caused harm doesn’t seem right. There has to be accountability. “

Do you relate?

To be clear, forgiveness does not condone harmful behaviour. Forgiveness does not mean absolving someone of their actions or inactions.  Forgiving frees your own soul. Whether is it from someone, or towards someone, including towards self.

To understand the art of forgiveness is to realize the self-healing journey.

3 Steps to Forgiving

Forgiveness brings awareness to understanding the process of forgiving heals the past while letting go for a freer future.

  1. Forgive self
  2. Ask for forgiveness
  3. Forgive another

Remember forgiveness frees your own soul.  One mindful meditation combined with mindful moments in life opens the heart to be free.

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Regina Kaiser