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Insights: Return to Trust

The spiritual power of trust is seated in the foundation of our practice. Spiritual trust allows us to live with self-assurance and confidence through confusion and/or uncertainty.

Trust creates confidence. It destroys uncertainty, doubt and fear.

Trusting our meditation practice provides faith that our teachings will support and guide us. We return to meditating to return to the basis of our existence as spirit first.

Trusting ourselves is where things tend to fall apart.

We forget to return to the stability of our practice when things are not turning out as we had hoped. Fear and doubt emerge to cause uncertainty and confusion. We begin to feel lost and alone. Our meditation practice teachings may not appear to be doing enough as we seek answers and direction.

Despite the uncertainty meditating with your personal practice is exactly what your soul needs. This is the time to lean on your spiritual strengths to nurture and return to trust. It’s time to let go.

Faith and practice bring us back to confidence and trusting not only ourselves, but what life has to offer.

Life will always bring unexpected hurdles. Trust allows us to live with uncertain futures, instability and still have questions. We walk with trust in our hearts, knowing there are differences of opinions and often difficult choices to be made. We return to our peaceful inner selves.

Return to Trust

Return to your grounded meditation during uncertain times to reconnect with trust, your values and spiritual power. There is no need to change the outer world or to change yourself. There is a trusting awareness that you have the power within you to create and live a life of compassion and love. Surrender and acceptance nourish trust. Believing in yourself and the wisdom of the universe grows stronger.

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