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Building New Relationships

Insights:  Releasing Attachments  

As we venture into the structure and routine found in September, we find comfort in knowing the collective is on a similar page. We return to work, school and life saying goodbye to the carefree, longer days of summer.

Returning to a regular schedule and the known brings both reassurance and an opportunity to make changes. Back to basics is grounding because it feels familiar. This is important to feel safe in creating something new while retaining the wisdom of the old.

With the comfort of the familiar there is also the potential to recreate what you don’t want. Especially when it comes to relationships. The first relationship is the one you have with yourself. It is about connecting with your heartfelt desires and that which makes you feel alive, connected and happy.

New Relationships

The rest of your relationships, especially the new ones, will hinge on what you are bringing forward. What starts out with great new intentions quickly becomes a repeat experience. A different person or relationship but the same ‘issue’ or problems. Without realizing it, attachments and expectations from those past relationships are transferred into the new ones.

Changing Patterns

It doesn’t have to be hard to change what is no longer working for you. There are tiny reminders and clues you can use to release the old patterns and change.  New Beginnings

What am I bringing into my new relationships?
As you open yourself to new relationships leave room to observe what you are bringing forward and what you want that is different from the past.

Are you clinging to old attachment to be needed or liked?
At some point we all realize not everyone will like us or need us. Releasing this attachment leaves room to move on.

Take time to appreciate the beautiful and satisfying relationships you have had, are having and will have. Release for peace the need to be liked, to fit in, to be loved. You are already liked and loved. It’s time to embrace the positivity of letting go and stepping into your empowerment.

Written by Regina Kaiser

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