steps to appreciate christmas

Insights: Steps to Appreciate Life

As we each find our way through creative ways to stay connected this Christmas season, I invite you to share appreciation in all we have. From the moment you wake up to the moment you fall asleep there are numerous opportunities to be grateful.

5 Steps to Appreciate Life

  1. Pause to appreciate everything
  2. Try not to be judgmental or complain
  3. Find Gratitude in your challenges
  4. Express yourself, your thoughts, feelings, etc.
  5. Be encouraging to yourself and others

To totally vibrate in appreciation enables you to see the beauty and meaning in all that is unfolding around and through you. Taking just one deep inhale and exhale as you witness this beautiful life will change your perspective and all that is unfolding.

Try not to be too picky about how people are acting or not acting, or how things aren’t quite the same way you want them to be. Instead, appreciate how everyone is doing the best they can. No matter how far apart we may be physically this year, our hearts are home for the holidays.

Merry Christmas Message

Christmas message

May love wrap itself around you like a warm shawl bringing you comfort and joy.
May trust and truth continue guiding you.
May you know how beautiful and whole you are.
May you have a twinkle in your eyes.
May you find joy in listening to the sound of love.

May you be filled and surrounded with light, laughter and love

Wishing you a magical and blissful Christmas.

~ Regina Kaiser ~