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Insights: Embracing Ease

Now’s the Time to Embrace Ease

Starting 2021 with Focused Clarity

We started the year with Loving Kindness Meditation for intention and focused clarity. We also began the Chakra Journey 7-week series. This series is for everyone who wants to connect and relate to their chakras more confidently. If you missed the first class you can still join in. The Root Chakra recording is now online included in Total Serenity Membership or within the course category.

One thing I love about January is it brings me back to my dreams. Do you stop to reflect on what you would like to create this year?  I take note of what it feels like when things are easy and what it feels like when it’s hard.  When it’s hard, I start to feel scattered and take things personally. That’s a red flag! We all have times when things fall into place, and times when it seems like the universe is working against us.

Insights, Embracing Grounded Ease.

The more aware you are, the more you are able to adapt or change. For example, when I find myself unfocused and scattered, I recognize I am not well centered and grounded. I don’t like the way I feel so I know it’s time to realign with the present moment, to center and ground.

3Ways to Recognize Your Grounding is Weak

  1. You feel unstable and unfocused
  2. You are ‘holding’ onto emotions, issues
  3. Nothing seems to be easy

3 Ways to Ground Ease

  1. Realign with your centered self
  2. Ground yourself with the earth
  3. Be present, breathe and relax your aura

Everyone gets rattled now and again. Be kind and gentle with yourself.

You’re doing a great job. Remember you are human.

Return to your grounded self as a peaceful spirit in a human body.

Feel the ease and flow of life. Then, when fully present, focus on your dreams…and remember to breathe.

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