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Insights: Empathic Anxiety

Why do I feel anxious? 

There are different reasons people experience anxiety. But regardless of why someone is anxious, no one wants to losing sleep and worry all the time. This article is not going to make your anxiety disappear. But it may bring clarity to understanding why you  have unexplained anxiety. 

The most common cause of anxiety is overthinking.  Managing Anxiety can be achieved with meditations that provide the tools to quiet the mind and calm the body. It is, however, not something that happens overnight. It is a journey that evolves through living life as a conscious soul. 3 Steps to Reduce Anxiety

Sensitive Souls are Empaths

In this article I want to speak to the sensitive souls that ‘feel’ energy, thoughts, and emotions that are not only their own but those of others, including strangers. A sensitive soul is an individual that is empathic, otherwise knows as an empath. Empaths are ordinary people with ordinary jobs. They are often a blend of extrovert and introvert. When they retreat into themselves, they are reclaiming their energy. This is vital for their well-being.

Why Empaths Feel Anxious

Empaths are more likely to experience unexplained anxiety. This results from ‘sensing’ or ‘tuning into’ energies on a subtle level. This includes ancestral anxiety. If you are one of these sensitive souls, know you are not alone. Not everyone can understand what you are experiencing. But those who understand connect with you deeply.

Anxiety indicates there is a threat to one’s well-being. A sensitive soul will feel anxious when there is a threat to their energetic well-being. Energy travels, and an empath can unknowingly take energies into their system. The result is feeling anxious. So, in this case anxiety is positive as it alerts the sensitive soul to cleanse and clear their personal space, and to establish fresh spiritual boundaries.

What an Empath needs

To be a sensitive soul, an empath, is a gift that requires self-care, self-respect and retreating regularly to cleanse and replenish.
The next time you feel anxious, check in with your heart and soul. Are you overthinking, or are you needing time to be alone, quiet and revitalized.   A still, calm mind makes for a still, calm body, and a peaceful life. A still, calm soul makes for a still, calm peaceful life.

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