StructureBeyond the Impossible

November Insights

by Regina Kaiser

Long before you were born you knew you were part of a bigger picture. The blueprint of your life was laid out. But once you were born everything was ‘forgotten’. Or was it?

Our human experience here upon the earth is a gift unto itself. As life unfolds, we learn to feel and express those feelings, to give and be kind, to stand up for ourselves and others. Lessons of betrayal, loss, forgiveness, hope and promise guide us to where we are today. We discover within ourselves a wisdom that cannot be described. Perhaps this is that internal ‘remembering’ why we are here and how we can make a difference.

The dreams that didn’t just end, but rather, changed the course of life were part of that original blueprint. In times of reflection it becomes clear the difficult and delightful memories have combined to create you, a beautiful, complete and interesting soul.

How did I ever get through it?

Everyone wonders at some point in their life “how did I ever get through that, or do all that”. It does seem like a miracle, doesn’t it? Intense emotions, physical demands and total overwhelm fortunately have become a distant memory.

What is gained is experience and knowledge, which equals wisdom.

Beyond the impossible is the underlying joy and happiness that guides each of us through our lives, no matter what we are dealt. It becomes all about the people we connect with, the choices we make, and how we find ways to stand in truth and light.

Staying true to your intention

Believe there is more to life than what you see and allow the universe that is inside you, to guide you.

  • You are enough.
  • You have always been enough.
  • You will always be enough.

The universe is inside you.


Personal Spiritual Development Prompts: 

What life experiences have given you wisdom?

If you could offer words of wisdom, what would they be?


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