Giving & Receiving Kindness

Giving & Receiving – Loving Kindness

Which comes easier for you…Giving or Receiving?

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This weeks guided meditation theme is for you if…

you want to balance your heart with loving kindness

so you feel as good receiving as you do giving

Every day you give with kindness and compassion. It happens automatically. You won’t be surprised to learn that for many giving people it is harder to receive. For example someone could  compliment the top you are wearing, but you dismiss it with ‘this old thing’.  What this tells you is that at some point in your life you started giving more than you are receiving.

Now let’s re-balance your soul…..

Discover how acts of kindness can equally be given and received to create harmony and balance for the giver and receiver! 

Align with loving kindness this week at…OM – Reflective Meditation 

Sun. 11 am – noon
Wed. 7:30 -8:30 pm
Sat. 11 am – noon
Offered seated in chairs. Drop in’s Welcome.  $17
Come to Reflective Meditation Classes to bring more mindfulness into your daily life as you gather with others to reflect, inspire, and continue evolving as Spirit First.

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