Want to feel CALM instead of ticked?

This weeks theme is for you if…

all you want is to be CALM, but you find yourself getting ticked…

Let’s look at an example…

meditation, yoga, calm, port moody, coquitlam, port coquitlamYou’re out for dinner and all you wanted to do was sit back, be calm and enjoy your evening out.

When you arrived your waitress brought you a drink but now you can’t seem to get her attention.

She’s busy with another table that arrived after you and  it seems she forgot you.

It’s getting you all worked up!


  • You feel irritated so you try to give the waitress ‘the look’, you know the look that somehow, like an arrow, is supposed to get her attention.

  •  Your heart rate is increasing and you are feeling agitated…you can feel your blood pressure rising and it’s not what you want to be feeling!!!

Imagine being CALM and getting the service you want…

Join us this week at OMYO to Cultivate Calm 

calm, peace, meditation, yoga, port moody, coquitlam, port coquitlam

OMYO – Ongoing Meditation and/or Yoga Classes

Veracis Wellness
86 Moody Street, Port Moody, BC

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