Want to know how Acceptance works?

This weeks theme is for you if…
you want to discover how acceptance works!

Acceptance is tough….

Do any of these sound familiar? 

  • How can I accept this pain?
  • I don’t want to feel these difficult emotions any longer
  • Why can’t they see what I am going through? 
  • I just want this to end.

Accepting is tough because it is so uncomfortable getting there.

4 things you Want to Know about Acceptance

 1. Acceptance Doesn’t Mean You have to Like what you are Experiencing. 
To accept you need to understand resistance creates more pain and suffering.  By accepting something the way it is, and knowing you don’t need to like it, you can shift your energy from resistance into ease making it easier to understand the situation and start moving forward.

2.  Acceptance Doesn’t Mean Things Won’t Change
You can accept your relationship and/or body the way they are and still work on changing for a different future. Try not to confuse acceptance with apathy.  Apathy is a passive indifference, disconnecting you from the way things are, and you avoid your own emotions and needs. Action is required for you to accept.  That action begins with choice.

3. Don’t let Guilt get in the Way
When you find yourself feeling guilty about making a decision in your own highest integrity then it’s time to explore what is underneath the guilt.

  • How did the guilt get there?
  • Did you do something that went against your own values?
  • Is this your guilt or someone else’s expectation of how you should feel?

4. Practice Acceptance Regularly
Practice acceptance throughout the day to begin to change the internal patterns of thoughts, emotions and energy so you are better able to focus your energy on what you can change. Start with your body and accept it the way it is now.

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