Water, Healing, Emotions

Insights: Water, Emotions, Chakras

The 5 Elements – Water, Second Chakra The earth is our foundation for living life as a peaceful spirit in a human body. Linked to the root chakra the earth gives us a sense of stability and trust. We then move to the second chakra and the element of water. Water is flow and movement. […]

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Insights: Getting OUT of STUCK

Does it feel like you’re a stuck in a holding pattern? Even though spring is in the air maybe you aren’t feeling your usual upbeat vibe. Nothing is changing and there’s not much to look forward to.  Could be you’re in a rut. It can help to understand ruts when you think of the ruts […]

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Earth day

Insights: Embracing Positivity

There’s a lot of talk going around about who’s doing what, and who should be doing something different. It might be with others or in your thoughts. Is it any wonder today is Earth Day and we have a full Pink Moon next Monday? It’s easy to be positive when things are going well. But […]

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Insights: Earth, Connecting, Grounding

Rebirth & Hope Insights: Earth Power When looking out onto an open meadow with mountains, trees, rivers and plants you feel a connection with the powerful energy of the earth. Removed from the demands of everyday life, for a moment you can take a deep breath and finally relax. The earth is our home, giving […]

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Insights: Steps to Serenity & Calm

Steps to Serenity & Calm during Difficult Times When do you feel most serene and calm? Serenity and calm are enhanced by our environment and the things we do to aid feeling calm. What your room looks and feels like, the smells and sounds all contribute to serenity.  Things like a bubble bath, massage, reading […]

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worm moon march

Full Worm Moon

The Worm Moon is the last full moon of winter.  Also called the Sap Moon or Crow Moon. As the Worm Moon is in March, it is usually the last Full Moon before the Spring Equinox which is on March 19, 20, or 21. The Worm Moon is named after the earthworms that emerge at […]

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Regina Kaiser Quote

Insights: Clearing the Path

You’ve planted your seeds of potential. Now it’s time to clear the path for your potentiality to expand. Having the wind at your back is desired but not always the way things go. Getting past the obstacles Maintaining a sense of Ease and Flow helps get through the those obstacles, big and small. Additionally, making […]

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Solstice Equinox

Spring Equinox 2021

The spring equinox marks the end of winter, and the start of spring. Equinoxes occur when night and day are equal. The 12-hour day and 12-hour night occurs on the first day of spring and fall. As the day and night are equal on the day of the equinox our own need for balance is […]

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Potential meditation

Insights: Seeds of Potential

Inside each person is unlimited potentiality. Potentiality equals seeds of promise. The seeds can be ideas that have been in your heart and mind for a while.  These seeds are waiting to be planted, fertilized and nurtured. Your Gifts are Seeds of Potential. Taking your gifts from the non-physical realm brings you down to earth. […]

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Listen to your calling

Insights: Listening to your Call

Does Everyone have a Calling? Everyone is born with a gift-related calling and this stays with them their entire life. The gifts manifest in different ways at different times in life, and lead to a calling. What is a Calling? Before you were born you were ‘gifted’ with something that speaks to your soul. That […]

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