Insights: Overcoming Guilt, Shame & Anger

How Light Affects Guilt, Shame and Anger What did you discover about Giving and Receiving from last week’s insights and meditation classes? Between Sundays 10:00 am and Tuesdays 7:30 pm Live meditation classes we covered how giving and receiving can be equal. If you missed the live classes you can listen to them in the […]

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give and receive

Insights: Give or Receive?

Is it Better to Give or Receive?  From an early age you probably learned giving is an act of kindness.  There is so much joy in the act of giving, and it simply leaves you with a positive feeling! You’ve likely also been taught it’s better to give than receive. But this isn’t necessarily the […]

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forgive forgiveness forgiving

Insights: A New Forgiveness

Insights: A New Perspective – Forgiveness Forgive and forget.  But not everything is easy to forget. The journey through forgiveness can take a lifetime. Memories are triggered by current events. We ask ourselves ‘why?’, wondering if we will ever understand. When you have tried everything you can to forgive, then there might be another way […]

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boundaries, love, spiritual, emotional

How Strong are your Boundaries?

Insights: Boundaries of Love Imagine light and love in every relationship. There would be a heartfelt connection of empathy and understanding.  It all begins with your aura also known as your personal space. How you maintain, cleanse and balance your aura affects how you relate to others. When your aura is heavy with worry or […]

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Solstice Equinox

Insights: Summer Solstice Intentions

Setting Summer Intentions Summer Solstice on Sunday June 20, 2021 marks the end of spring and beginning of summer! It is also the longest day (daylight hours) and shortest night of the year. Solstice comes from Latin solstitium from sol (sun) and stitium (still or stopped). These past months living I have witnessed the different […]

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Insights: Grounding vs Un-Grounded

What do you mean I need to get Grounded? There was I time I was told I needed to get grounded into my body. I had no idea what this meant and it didn’t feel like a compliment. I heard it often enough to consider it important. I did understand my not being grounded made […]

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FREE Meditation Class for Healing

Join us for a FREE Loving Kindness Meditation Class The full flower moon last month brought our awareness to what was swept under the rug. With deep sadness and horror we learned about 215 indigenous children buried in a grave in Kamloops. Heartbreaking is an understatement as each of us finds our way to coming […]

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SPIRIT Regina Kaiser

Insights: The 5th Element SPIRIT

There are no words to define Spirit.  Yet everyone can sense and tune in.  Meditating regularly clears the path… Invocation of Spirit Enter the silence. ASK. SURRENDER. LISTEN. How did I get here Who’s listening Why am I here What do I want How can I be of service -Regina Kaiser

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Fire Energy Meditation

Insights: Symbolism of Fire Energy

Exploring the 5 elements in relationship with our chakras we find ourselves at the third chakra, the element of fire. Built on a strong foundation of earth in the first chakra and water in the second chakra fire in the third chakra activates will and determination. “Put a fire under it”. It’s time to get […]

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Air, Heart, Chakra, Breathing

Insights: The Air Element

The air element is linked to the heart chakra. Located at in the centre of the chest the heart chakra represents affinity with self and affinity with others. Perfectly placed between the lower and upper chakras the heart creates a sense of harmony and balance. Air is associated with the breath and breathing. We can […]

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